Smartphone Display Keeping on Growing Essay examples

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Smartphone display keeping on growing

Most adults are smart phone users. They are millions of smart phone sales each year. It has become so popular and is “growing in number and type.”(Zheng, 2006). On the street, in the elevator, at the coffee shop, everyone is staring into a smart phone. We can use smart phones to make calls, surfing internet and send messages. Smart phones are “next-generation, multifunctional cell phone.” (Zheng, 2006) be like a handheld computer but over these years, actually every phone sold today, would call a smart phone. Smartphones are getting larger and larger screens because they sell well and have a longer lasting battery; however, this is causing smartphones to become difficult to hold and carry.
Smartphone’s size is basic on how the screen looks like. The most advantages of the smart phone are easy to bring. It should be so portable that it could go anywhere they went. We put a mini computer our smart phone in our pocket and use it whenever you want. A larger screen can keep our eyes more comfortable and shows the web exactly like we see on the computer. A large screen and long battery is what the smart phone needs to be. Samsung is a type of android phones. It believes bigger isn’t better, but is the best for smart phones. The Galaxy Mega is even in 6.3 inch and 5.8 inch supersized smart phone. “the average width of a human male hand is around 7.4 inches, and the average female hand is just under that at 7 inches” (Hockenson, 2013) Look at your hand and can you imagine how big a smart phone like that? The rapid increase in size of a smart phone there are two reason, first the important reason is smart phone needs to adapt a larger battery which needs to support bigger displays and 4G LTE internet connect. Smartphone is part of our life now, listening to music, text messaging, phone calls, online surfing and third-party software support let us can do everything on the smart phone, if it can’t support for long time using the smart phone will be only a block. Larger screen and longer lasting battery is in direct ratio. The larger battery needs lager rectangles to contain them so the smart phone screen size keeps on growing. Customer needs a long lasting battery to support their phone on watching show, playing games and reading.

The second reason is the consumer wants more content — bigger and better displays. Some 41 million people in the United States use their smart phone to watch videos and play games. We used to waiting TV the program at home or finding them on our computer, now we can watch it on the smart phone. They started using a smart phone to instead put a TV in the bedroom. The smart phone can be used on navigation, for convenience and the latest smarts on internet connecting, a portable navigation device is still better. The Larger screen is easier to read and watching shows. People started doing everything on their phones, larger screens become the most important demand. Although people like to buy smart phones more than other cell phone. A large smart phone has a huge spending power in a market consumer need it. “61% of cell owners said yes to at least one of these questions and are classified as smartphone owners. Because 91% of the adult population now owns some kind of cell phone, that means that 56% of all American adults are now smartphone adopters. One third (35%) have some other kind of cell phone that is not a smartphone, and the remaining 9% of Americans do not own a cell phone at all.” (Matacons, 2013) Like what shows in graph, smartphones are getting more and more market share. Most cell phone owners are using smart phone most of them changed their phone. Also carries and content provides loves this trend, because they can earn more profit on TV shows and games. The movement of money towards Apple can also be explained as a move towards smart phones, with only one global brand phone vendor selling non-smart phone products managing to make any money at