Smartphone: High School and Social Media Essay

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Social Media and Smartphones
The creation of social media and smartphones has had many effects on society especially in youths. Many argue that there are more positives then negatives when it comes to such topic. I believe social media has had much more of a positive effect to society than a negative one, as well as smartphones. With these creations people can keep in touch with old friends and family and have the opportunity to catch up with each other’s life plus it makes things get done quicker.
I wasn’t such a big social media fan in my younger years. I had felt that it only distracts one from their studies or work. My first three years of high school I had no Twitter, MySpace, Facebook etc. At that time I just felt there was no point in having one, I thought it was dumb. As senior year approach I started to realize how cool and interesting stuff took place in these networks. I started to feel left out when my friends would talk about it. So then I decided to make my own account in Facebook and see for myself why it was so cool to have a Facebook account.
I not only was able to reconnect with my old elementary buddies but I was also able to connect with family members who I had not seen in such a long time. Although these social networks can distract people from their school work, it can also help them with it because with these networks people can connect with others via web chat and groups. Where peers help peers with their school work, which is quite beneficial because if one needs help but they can’t meet up with someone then it would be quite difficult for them to understand the material. In my high school calculus class our teacher encouraged us to video chat with each other so that we can help each other with the homework and study for test because not everybody could meet up and have a study session. Social networks have big impacts on the lives of their users either positive or negative, in my case it has been quite positive overall. I personally believe that I can go without using social media for en extensive amount of time
I’ve only had a smartphone for a couple of months now and I have to say it helps me do things quicker and it’s very resourceful. It’s like my own mini laptop. I can work on word documents, powerpoint’s and even excel spread sheets. I also use it to get directions, traffic notifications, Facebook notifications and weather forecast. Smartphones come with many features and apps