Smashburger Review Paper

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Senior Comp
14 February 2014

The Best Burger in Town

The first thing you’ll realize walking into Smashburger for the first time is the modern artsy feel of the entire restaurant. You walk in and can immediately grab a menu so that you can decide what you want while you’re standing in line to order. As you approach the counter, you are always welcomed to the establishment by a warm employee, asking if you had any questions about the menu and if not, if you had decided what you would like to eat. I would suggest the BBQ, Bacon, and Cheddar Burger ($6), as it is the perfect combination of meat and condiments. You can upgrade any burger on the menu to a “BIG” for just a dollar more, a deal which is well worth its price. The customer can pick from a variety of buns, my favorites being the Classic Egg bun, the Pretzel bun, or a Lettuce bun. The customer also has the ability to create their own burger for just $5. You can pick from a variety of free toppings as well as the option to add premium toppings for $1 each. To complete the meal, the customer can divulge on several options of sides. The most popular being regular fries, smashfries (fries tossed in rosemary and olive oil), and haystack onions (really thin crunchy onion rings), all for around $2. After you order, you are given a number and a cup, if you ordered a drink with your meal, and you can grab a seat as your food will be brought out to you within a few minutes. Smashburger always had a variety of herbal teas that are very good, as well as the traditional fountain sodas that any restaurant would have. When you receive your food, usually shortly after you have got your soda and found your seat, the first thing you’ll notice is that Smashburger doesn’t have very traditional plates. To go along with the modern feel of the restaurant, you receive your food on long thin metal wire