Smc Basis on Dignity Essay

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Personal Reflection

The one line that stood out for me the most today was the line, “dignity and intelligence to overcome suffering.” Dignity is an abstract concept that deals with the right for respect and ethical treatment. In my opinion, this line means that dignity cannot be given to someone directly, but rather dignity can be shown to someone through an indirect path where the individual discovers his or her own dignity. You can show people dignity by respecting their property, belongings and their rights. On a deeper level, listening to someone and opening up the relationship demonstrates dignity with another individual because the person can find their own dignity through communication. For example, in high school I volunteered at a hospital and I often talked to patients with cancer. I eventually realized that the best gift I could give them was communication. I used language to talk to them and I developed a person relationship with them, and this allowed them to find their own self-dignity as I respected them. Clearly, dignity involves several aspects of the formation of identity using communication and language.
In addition, this line also relates to the concept of marginalization because this line is essentially the opposite of oppression and marginalization. When we provide an individual with a path towards discovery of self-dignity we get rid of the oppression as we treat ourselves equal with another individual. We set aside differences in superiority and become equal with the person being affected, and this opens up a door towards communication, which