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Smedly Summary # 5

In the 1800s scientists develop definitions and characterizations of each trial population. Because there were many myths about race during this time, much research was put into trying to discover as many facts about it as possible. In the mid-19th century, the dominant view of human origin was one of two; biblical vision in which all the species were created in their present forms by God fix their characteristics from being from beginnings, or the great chain of being, which was comprised of gods hierarchal plan of the world. These two para digs we're seeing as it's the loft it going guidelines for understanding the diverse interspecies. Part of the reading went into specific research findings of different scientist such as Dr. Charles White, a physician from Manchester, England, who concluded that the Negro was a form between a true human being white Europeans and an ape. Other races were so subsequently assigned somewhere in between the Negro and European. White found differences between geographically separated races that supported the idea that there was no single species, leaving each race to belong to a different one. Though additional research by studying anatomical features of Negros, Europeans, and apes, White was able to find differences between the body such as a skeletal structure, muscles, skin, hair, as well as the size of sex organs and the brain . He also found differences in sweat and body odor. He thought as if the gradation of human beings was due to different degrees of intelligence. The question then arose weather Negroes were a product of the same act of creation as whites a part of the same species but be inferior, or were they a result of separate act of creation. When Darwin's the origin of species was published, the majority of the people viewed that species were created in their present form from the beginning of time and they didn't change. However, this does not mean that a Whites view on race was just dismissed. In addition to these views came from Dr. Samuel Moore and, who concluded from a study on a cranial capacity the different races had distinct school shapes and sizes .He claimed that the Caucasoid Brain was the largest, followed by the mongoloid Malay, American Indian, and then the Negro. As a result, he assumed that the brain size was directly correlated with the intelligence and mortality. He argues that these racial characteristics were permanent as each race took on and agitation based on where they originated from. He did not believe climate and geography played a part in shaping physical characteristics. Furthermore he believe that the agent a cheap jeans or not Negros but instead dark skin Caucasians. French zoologist Baron George Cuvier seemed to agree and concluded that ancient Egyptians could not have been Negros because of their low cranial capacity, which would prevent them from creating such a great civilization. Louis Agassiz Who was a Swiss naturalist believes that all humankind was comprised of one original species. However, when he saw negros for the first time, he was shocked by their larger than normal features and felt like it was unfortunate The white race had to be