Smile and Bright Blue Sky Essay

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Don’t Worry

I happily looked up at the bright morning sky as the dazzling sun and bright blue sky disappeared before our eyes as dark large grey clouds swallowed it up. I took a long deep breath. I smelt nature around me as I listened to the rustle of the leaves as the wind rushed and roared through the forest. It felt so powerful that I thought for a second that I could fly. I heard the soft patter of water falling on leaves as cool droplets landed on my face and danced down my cheek. A soft shower covered us. We continued on through the forest, the cool wet mud squished through our toes as we walked. We had ditched our shoes about a day ago. As we continued along leaves and twigs clinged to our tattered clothes. While branches reached out towards us and tried to grab at us. “Sophie I’m scared,” Anna whispered as she clung to my arm. A tear ran down her cheek and fell warm against my already cold skin which caught my attention. I stared down at the frustration showing on Anna’s face then turned and studied Tetra, who was lagging a little behind. I noted their fright and confusion and stopped in my tracks. “How are we ever going to find our way back? It’s just so hard now,” I though getting more depressed and dropped to my knees as I buried my face in my palms. “I have to be strong for them! I have to take care of them. It’s my duty!” I scolded myself and looked up into two young equally scared faces. I smiled up at them and let out a forced laugh. “It’s going to be alright.” I got to my feet and took hold of their hands; they felt so soft and frail in mine. I remembered the day they were entrusted to me. Their soft gazes, friendly smiles and approachable demeanor. I vowed to protect them no matter what on that sad day and that’s what I will do. “Come on he won’t get us, let’s continue.” “Why does he want us?” Tetra asked timidly. I gazed down into those crystal eyes and frowned. “He wants to get rid of you at any cost, my dears. Your father was the rightful ruler of this planet and when your parents were killed, you two became the next in line to rule. But, Heritor, your uncle, he wants to rule at any cost, even if it meant killing his own blood.” I pulled them closer and stopped. I observed the area and my gaze landed on a little opening a few feet from us. “Perfect!” I exclaimed and hurried them to the spot. We entered the little cave-like structure and hide. I sat them down and pulled them near. “I promised your parents I’d never let anything happen to you two and that’s just what I’ll do. We’ll be safe here for now… you must be tired so take a little nap.” They smiled up at me but it didn’t hide the worry and fear that was there. They rested their heads on my lap and after a few moments they were sound asleep. I noted their hushed breathing and quick heartbeats. I softly patted their heads and sang softly to them while they slept. A rustle caught my attention and I gazed intently at a bush not to far from our hiding spot. “You can come out now.” I said my impatience resounding in my voice. My mouth dropped as I stared at our follower. A smirk spread across his nicely face as he crossed his arms over his chest. He wasn’t muscular, but he was nicely built and strong in all the right places. He walked up to us and stared me in the eye. Calmly he stooped and placed a light kiss on my forehead. “What are you doing here?” I choked out, confused. “How’d you find us?” “I’ll always find you, sweetheart. And where you are the girls are.” He winked then smiled. “I’ve come to bring you back… Heritor was