Smile and Mr Wingfield Pg Essay

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Pg 13 Scene 1

"He is gallantly smiling, ineluctable smiling, as if to say 'I will be smiling for ever'.”
He has been freed of his responsibilities towards his wife and his children, leaving them to fend for themselves while he seeks his own adventure or enjoyment in life.

The idea of him “smiling for ever” gives the impression that he is a happy-go-lucky type of person, very carefree and does not take his responsibilities seriously.

Pg 14 Scene 1

"'Hello - Good bye!' and no address."
The quote suggests that he is self-centred and irresponsible, he only thought about his own desires. He left his family without considering about them and did not even bother to give them explain why he left or give them any advanced warning. He left as and when he liked and does not feel any tinge of guilt.

The note lacks sincerity, it is brief and abrupt. It does not show any sign of concern or whatsoever for his family. The ties between him and his family are severed and he is completely free of his responsibilities.

Pg 26 Scene 2

“One thing your father had plenty of – was charm!”
His charm was what made Amanda attracted to him. He was attractive on the outside but deceiving on the inside. He appears to be very superficial – able to “sweet talk” Amanda into being attracted to him.

Pg 31 Scene 3

“Why, listen, if self is what I thought of, Mother, I’d be where he is – GONE!”
Suggests that Mr Wingfield was very self-centred and Tom looks up to him for having the heart to just leave. Mr Wingfield plays a big role in both Tom and Amanda’s lives. Tom wants to be like his father, free of responsibilities.

Tom has indirectly said that he was not irresponsible by quoting his father’s experience.



Pg 34 Scene 4

“As if in answer, the father’s grinning photograph lights up.”

(Refer to coffin trick)
“Who in hell ever got himself out of one without removing one nail?”
Accentuates the idea of being “gone”.
Looking from Mr Wingfield’s perspective, it was indeed a clean and easy escape. He escaped and hurt his family in the process, but was not affected or deterred by them to stop pursuing his dream.

Mr Wingfield abandoned his family – he did not let the “nails” of the “coffin” hold him back from getting out of the coffin – this suggests that he did not feel any guilt for leaving his family.

The coffin represents the confinement of Tom and the nails of the coffin represent the various reasons that are holding Tom back.

Pg 38 Scene 4

“…when I see you taking after his ways!”
Tom takes after his father in several ways (falling in love with long distances, drinking, etc.) and that worries Amanda. It foreshadows Tom taking after his…