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Smita Nayee
Professor Holt
ENC 1101
22 January 2015 Debate 1A Once you step a foot in college that is where you begin a whole new chapter in your life. Say good, bye to your old friends and all the childish moments we all had back in high school. They all say college is no joke. This is the time of your lives where responsibility kicks in and it is time to get serious and work your way up. This falls into being present in all your classes and being there at all times. Attendance should be mandatory in college because without being present in your courses you will eventually be no way near passing or getting ahead in life. First of all, attendance is needed to develop a strong sense of social in a classroom along with collaborating with one another during discussions and class activities. However, most professors are trying there best to enhance this technique because it gives learning a new twist and it helps reduce the space out moment after hearing massive lectures. Another aspect this policy plays in your life is when your working. Let’s say you get into the habit of not showing up for work, the result will be you obviously getting fired. If this starts showing in classes without any excuses then obviously you wouldn’t even be able to overcome your weakness on whatever your struggling with. For example, some people are afraid of public speaking and that is why most colleges require speech class in order for you to communicate to one another and getting comfortable with your fellow classmates and this helps one open up. My last argument focuses on how attendance can help make you do better in your courses. Being present is very important…