Essay on Smith Clove

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Anand Patel
Mrs. Rosalsky
English 101
26 January 2013
Smith Clove Park While some people go to the Smith Clove Park once in a while, I go very often for the relaxing pleasure of seeing nature’s delights. The park is one of the best additions to the town of Monroe. Friends and families of all ages appear at the park for many occasions. I watch the excitement of athletic games as it comes to the final minutes. The players are breathing heavily with unfriendly looks showing they will win the game under any circumstance. I get to hear the winds’ quiet whistle as it swerves through the grass in waves. At the top of the hill, on the right side of the entrance to the park, I get to watch the relaxing scenery of the steep mountains with bright green trees in the distance. I witness the various soothing smells of the park throughout the year. Watching everyone enjoy their time there makes me feel very relaxed. The park is a peaceful place to be at from season to season. One day in autumn, I notice the bright orange sun shining through the leafless trees giving the leaves on the ground a shimmering look. The cool, soothing breeze whispers through the trees allowing the leaves to fall dancing till they meet the ground. While I walk down the arching golden path, I hear the crunching of the dry yellowish-brown leaves as the grey squirrels dive into the raked up piles. As I reach the fields on the left and pond on the right, I see a red toy airplane whizzing by about 200 feet above my head. I keep watching the small plane till it vanishes over the standing trees past the motionless pond. As I sit on an empty bench next to the quiet pond, I watch the school of ducks as they make circular patterns in the water. Farther along the pond I gaze at a playground full of red, orange, and blue objects. The swing set swishing back and forth with a smiling child. I watch the red monkey bars being occupied by a blue jay posing for people to see. As I get back on the curving path, I stare at these vibrant squirrels chasing one another jumping through blankets of crispy leaves until they run up this young ravishing tree. This young tree was almost naked and getting ready for the winter right around the corner. In the winter, Smith Clove is certainly comforting with ginormous sheets of snow covering the fields giving it a smooth sparkling appearance. I see the snowflakes flying down with the sharp winds making them look like shooting stars. I spot a deer with its family trailing beside it. The deer’s stay warm from the freezing cold weather with their fur blanketing over their body. I see the steep slopes of all white being imprinted by the sleds constantly going down. I see the grey sky filled with small puffy flakes. As I reached an unoccupied bench by the hockey rink, I sat down on the soft snow till it was compacted under me. From the bench, I hear a quiet laughter coming from the ice rink. Right next to the hockey rink I see a small shiny igloo and many snow angels around it. The view of the igloo and the snow angels made me feel very relaxed. Looking at the park makes me smile for how comforting the environment is. Finally, in the summer, I observe