Smoking Costs Money Essay

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Is it worth the risk? According to the American heart association 47.1 million Men and women in the U.S are smokers. The consequences of the habit on the body outweight any positives. First is physical harm to your body. Second is public and how they see it. Third are its financial and how much it really does cost. Last the serious cause of death it does cause. First why do smokers smoke? In the U.S or anywhere in the world everyone has an ideal image if what they want to look like. The nicotine in cigarettes increase your metabolize rate, helping you to burn colories. The disadvantages of smoking out weight the benefits. The chemicals in cigarettes can cause damage like emphysema and cancer. Next, smoking increases your blood pressure, which than increases your chances of cardiovascular disease. It also decreases your lung capacity. Although cigarettes help burn calories smoking decreases your lunge capacity which can affect your ability to exercise. Therefore the disadvantages of smoking out- weights the benefits. Smoking has been banned from tens of millions of private workplace. For example airplanes, buses, restaurants and bars. Everyone can agree teenagers and younger children shouldn’t smoke. About one third of teens who experiment will become regular smokers. Smoking should be banned from households for this reason. Smoking costs money as well as your health. If a smoker goes through a pack a day that’s 30 dollars a week. This puts the cost for…