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Effects of Smoking Cigarettes
Persuasive Outline


* Greeting: Good Morning * Attention getter: When you smoke, you inhale more than 4000 chemicals including acetone(paint stripper), ammonia(toilet cleaner), cyanide(rat killer), DDT(insecticide) and Carbon Monoxide( car exhaust fumes) * Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience about the negative effects of smoking cigarettes * Preview of main ideas:

I. Diseases and Cancers acquired from smoking II. Second hand smoking III. Benefits from not smoking

Body I. Diseases and Cancers from smoking- By smoking daily, it can increase the risk of the development of lung cancer, and dental damage A. Lung cancer- cancer in the lung area that have two stages of its process. 1. Stage1- Fatigue and generalized body weakness, which comes with body ache. 2. Stage2- Chest pains, shortness in breath, change in voice, or hoariness in the throat. 3. Stage3- Death

B. Dental Damage- when smoking cigarettes the nicotine from the smoke can damage your mouth and teeth in three ways. 1. Color- Nicotine and tar from smoking will stain your teeth in a fast paste motion causing them to become yellow and even brown. This is very unattractive. 2. Bad Breath- smoking cause chronic bad breath or halitosis, this is called “Smokers Breath.” 3. Tooth loss/Gum disease- tobacco limits the blood flow through the mouth area, which can cause gums to inflamed and loosen teeth

II. Second- Hand Smoking- smoke partials in the air effects the people who don’t smoke in the same way that other people smoke. Especially, if there under aged

A. Children- According to the E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) between 200,000 and 1,000,000 kids with asthma have their condition worsened by second hand smoke every year. B. Mothers- Pregnant mothers that smoke are putting their unborn child at risk known as the “SIDS” sudden infant death Syndrome.

III. Benefits from not smoking- the moment you