Smoking Persuasive Essay

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Kathleen Doovan
March 23, 2015
David Libhart
Why do adults and teens smoke? Adults smoke to relieve stress from work or what is going on in their life. Teens smoke due to peer pressure and they think it’s cool. There are so many reasons as to why no one should smoke. The cost, what it does to your health, what it can do to other people that are around you.
The factors involved in smoking relate to the way the brain responds to nicotine. When a person takes that first puff of the cigarette, the nicotine reaches their brain in ten seconds. This will help them improve mood relaxes muscles and can even reduce appetite. With regular use of the nicotine this can lead to changes in the brain that will cause nicotine withdrawal symptoms that can reinforce the habit.
The idea that adults smoke because of stress is to help ease the signs of stress and frustration, and this is called self-medication. Stress is a very common thing that we all go through but for some they handle it differently. There are those that smoke those that drink. When those that smoke felt the stress they look for that cigarette to help them relax and feel calmer. Stress will also make some smoke or drink more than usual.
Why do we see teenagers smoking? We all know about peer pressure and how it could affect us. I know that when I was a teen I was always being pressured into doing something that I didn't want too. Smoking was one of them now days I see more and more teens smoking, and some of it has to do with peer pressure. If we would like for smoking to be something of the past, then we need to help teens to stop feeling pressured.
Teens also smoke because they feel that it’s something normal because they see the adults in their life doing it so they think it’s normal. The nicotine when it hits the brain of a teen activities the reward and pleasures areas of their brain when this happens its causing positive feelings and sensations. Teens also get the idea that it's ok to smoke from the movies and television. The movies it's from seeing the actor’s tobacco use and they look up to them.
Some of the health effects or impacts from smoking are decreased circulation, fatigue, bad breath, cancer in many parts of the body like the lungs, throat, heart disease and yellowing of the fingers and nails. Smoking can also decrease the ability to fight off illness like a cold or the flu it brings the immune down. One of the leading causes of death is a stroke and coronary heart disease that is caused by smoking. Smoking can give you cancer in the bladder, esophagus, larynx, stomach and the liver just to name a few.
We need to start help those that do smoke to get the right help and to show them what could actually happen to them and their families if they do not quit smoking. We also need to help understand what is triggering their smoking habit and give the information necessary to stop. I know that when I did