Smoking Persuasive Speech Research Paper

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Opening/Attention: we can see that there are more and more people smoking on the street; and with the gradual increase in the population of smokers, the number of sick patients also further improved. In the old days, few people got heart diseases or respiration diseases; now the incidence of those diseases in increasing very fast.
Everyone knows what is cigarette and what's called tobacco products, but what exactly in cigarette. There are 4,000 numbers of chemicals, including carbon monoxide, ammonia, cadmium and arsenic. Although all people know that smoking is bad for health, why people smoking? To look mature? They may have a lot of stress and pressures? Whatever the reason is, smoke is not good.
Spoken Link/Transition:
People always
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There are some data and expert opinions shows that why Canadian government should increase the price of cigarettes.
Facts, data, expert opinion:
a) "if the world is serious about knocking down consumption by one-third, the only way to get there is significant increase in taxes," Dr. Prabhat Jah, director of the center for global health research at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, said in an interview.
b)Smoking tobacco is the main risk factor for 4 of the leading causes of death in Canada (cancer, heart disease, stroke and lung disease). About 37,000 people die each year in Canada as a result of smoking tobacco. (from Canadian cancer center)
Research has shown that, in 2002, about 17% of deaths were due to smoking (20% in males and 12% in females).
c) Cigarette smoking causes about 30% of cancer deaths in Canada and 85% of lung cancers.
1.In 2011, more than 46,500 Canadians were hospitalized for stroke
2.In 2011, more than 305,000 Canadians were hospitalized for heart disease
3.In 2012, more than 13,000 Canadians died as the result of a stroke
Spoken Link/Transition: Some people might think that why the government of Canada should higher the