Smoking Research Paper

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Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of death for people in the united states. More people die from tobacco use then illegal drug use, alcohol use, motor vehicle use, suicide and murders combined. Men smoking increases their chance of getting cancer of getting cancer by 23%. cigarettes smoking has an effect on the general population, on smokers themselves and on the advertising culture. Smoking has a large effect on the american population. Secondhand smoke releases over 7000 chemicals into the air including 70 that cause cancer. Secondhand smoke can cause respiratory infections and frequent asthma attacks in children. Even in adult smokers second hand smoke has an effect. Adults who haven’t smoked can get lung disease or lung cancer from secondhand smoke. Their are about 46000 heart disease deaths a year that are caused by secondhand smoke. An estimated 88 million people a year are exposed to second hand smoke. In children an estimated 53.6% of the US population has been exposed to secondhand smoke. This is causing millions of deaths in the United States both adults and children. Secondhand smoke from cigarettes has a very large effect on the United States population. Cigarette smoking has a very large effect on the person smoking. Smoking cigarettes harm almost every organ in the human body. If nobody in the United States smoked cigarettes one in every three cancer deaths in the united states would not happen. An estimated 90% of lung cancer cases would not happen if people did not smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes are very addictive, This is caused by the psychoactive drug nicotine found in tobacco. Nicotine causes people to become dependent on it and always making them to want more. Once they are dependent on nicotine it is very hard for them to break the addiction. Ciggarette companies are faced with a very hard challenge in advertising for their products. IN 2010 the FDA passed rules and regualtion that were very strict on advertising and sales of tobbaco. THe law