Smoking: Smoking and Child Development Department Essay

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Keiry Santos
English 103
September 30, 2014
Essay #2
STOP Smoking on Campus
Cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable disease and death worldwide so therefor there is no safe exposure to secondhand smoke. When you are around a person who is smoking, you inhale the same dangerous chemicals as the smoker. Breathing even a little secondhand smoke can be dangerous. Smoking affects the whole body from your head to your toes. It can affect your head, brain, lungs, heart, circulation, skin, bones, stomach, reproduction system, fertility, mouth, and throat, even if you’re not smoking it. Cerritos College shouldn’t allow student to smoke on campus or allow smokers to have their smoking zone.
We the students have the right to protect our health, and to feel comfortable about being on campus at any time. For those who smoke clearly don’t care about their health, and clearly don’t care if they die. For those who do not smoke, do care about their health, and clearly don’t want to die. I myself have a couple of health problem, and have to instantly be taking medication, and most important be taking care of myself. Smoking is a really big issue not just for me but for those who have health problems already, and it can become a little big big issue for everyone if we do not put a STOP on Smoking on Campus.
I do volunteer work at Cerritos College for the Child Development Department, and to be honest I do not feel safe working with the children outdoors. The Child Development Center is located around the Physical Science and Technology, and the Wood Manufacturing Technology building, so it’s in the middle of a couple of classroom buildings. The reason why I dislike working with the children outdoors is because