Smoking: Smoking and Korean Music Group Essay

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Smoking What does the artist do on stage is always effects audience feeling. Therefore, I believe smoking on stage during a performance should be banned. There are several reasons why I support to stop smoking on stage. Teenagers are tending to be copycat. They especially like to imitate their idols’ appearance, action, or life style. To illustrate that, I always search for my favorite Korean music group’s street snap, and I am enthusiastic to find out the brand of their clothes or even the name of the ice-cream they hold in hands. It seems nothing can stop me from trying the way they live. Thus, I cannot tell I will not model smoking after idols even though I know the harm of smoking. However, once it banned the smoking on stage, the possibility of teens try smoking will be reduced. Moreover, smoking on stage is a disrespectful action. It is true that artists, as everyone under the laws of equality and freedom, deserved the right to smoking in public.

Smoking Smoking has negative effects to people’s health. In fact, many artist smoke, and they do not care to show their smoking behaviors to their fans and audience when they are on stage. However, I believe that smoking on stage is a wrongful thing, and it should be prohibited. Smoking on stage is a disrespectful behavior since audience and stage workers have to breathe the second-hand chemical emissions. Although it is true that artist, as everyone else under the laws of equality and freedom, deserve the maximum