Smoking: Teenage Society Smoking Essay

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Causes and problems with teenagers smoking Most teenagers causes for using Tobacco comes from the way he or she was raised and what type of media he or she might have seen on a daily basis. With our society there are a lot of commercials that promotes smoking, and a lot of celebrity use of Tobacco. Other reasons for teens to smoke are; Peer pressure, the idea that smoking will make he or she thinner, and of course there are those who believe it sends a message of adulthood or a signal of rebellion from parents and other adult figures. A big issue that comes from teenage-smoking is a bad health. At some point many of them will develop lung cancer or other diseases which will not only affect them, but also society in economic ways. There is also the whole getting in trouble with the law part to consider. When a child is on the way to becoming an adult he or she will be very easy to influence which often leads to bad decisions for example smoking. If a teenager is in an environment where smoking is looked at as being acceptable, like if on or maybe both parents were regular smokers, it can become difficult for the teenager to see anything bad about smoking. In reality shows we see a rich celebrity whose biggest problem is to figure out which BMW to drive, we see actors, musicians and successful people whose life seems very sweet and they are all smoking. When parents don’t give their children a very good reason not to smoke and really educate them about the dangers, there is nothing holding them back. In teenage society smoking is a symbol of success in many ways; It makes you thin, it makes you rich and cool, it makes you accepted and it gives you all the respect you need. The only reason why smoking is neither law nor in most groups social approved is the health issues it brings with. When a teenager picks up a smoke