Smshed Xbox Essay

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Smashed Xbox

I have had many disappointing experiences during my life time, some that are still fresh in my memory. I have learned from these experiences so they will not ever occur again. When I was in middle school I used to play my Xbox all the time. One day my mother found out I skipped class all day and she decided to smash my Xbox. This was a very devastating experience, as my mom was really disappointed in me, I lost my favorite afterschool activity, but I learned a valuable lesson in the process. I wasn’t a trouble child growing up, so when it was found out by my mother that I cut class she was shocked and really upset. I skipped school and went to my friend’s house to play Xbox all day. I didn’t think my mother would find out that I skipped school and I was sadly mistaken. My teacher called my mother at work and that’s how she found out that I had skipped school. When I arrived home I immediately ran to my room to play on my beloved Xbox, not knowing that my mother had found out about my day. My mother asked me “How was your day?” I told her that my day was fine. We were having this discussion as I was playing my Xbox. My mom then called me a liar and ripped my Xbox out of the television, threw it down on the floor really hard, and started stomping on it. I was shocked as I watched the destruction of my Xbox right before my eyes. I was told that was my punishment for lying to her, and that she knew that I skipped school to play Xbox because she talked with my friend mother as well. My friend had ratted me out, as he didn’t want to take the fall all by himself. My Xbox was smashed, and I really hated my mom for a while, but soon realized that I brought it all on myself. I lied to her about my day, and that kind of damaged the trust