snow child Essay

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‘…how shall I be rid of her?’
Life is a competition, a gamble an unknown path...But not mine, not hers not anyone’s. Sigh... by the continuous glare in my husband’s eyes I could tell he lust for her, as if she were prey. Deceit runs in my blood, like water runs through streams. I shall inquest on a conjuring plan on how to be rid of her.
That should work!
Oh no... This peasant girl isn’t as innocent as I thought. Ive pursued all my plans to mislead her into death, but she appears to be as wise as a cheetah searching for its prey, sly and cunning…
She’s as exquisite as the count described.
White skin, as that of an angel, to conveying her purity and virginity.
Her red lips, showing her passionate love for my husband. DANGER – the danger she would inflict on our marriage, CORRUPTION - I could sense it! I could feel the blood pumping my heart, increasing in speed. The blood gushing down into my gut vigorously.
Tears began to roll down my eyes uncontrollably, of course my husband did not notice as he was too busy thrusting himself into what I had ordained as the snow child. I thought the count loved me …
It’s a man’s world and I was just living in it.
The immense intensity of the count thrusting himself in and out of her generated, a milky cream substance which leaked from the count’s testicle. The sight of this was unbearable. I pessimistically turned away, not so much in pain but of sorrow. That the man I loved, could do this to