Snow Falling On Cedars Summary

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Snow Falling On Cedars by David Guterson
The date is December 6, 1954, 24 hours before the thirteenth anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor. San Piedro Island, north of Puget sound. Since the setting is so isolated, its residents can’t afford to make enemies. Carl Hein, a dweller of the place has just returned from World War 2, a silent and now dead veteran. He is a local fisherman, and is found to be drowned suspiciously, Kabuo Miyamoto (a Japanese American and also a veteran for World War 2) is charged with this murder. Throughout the story, and as it unfolds it is seen from the reader’s perspective that Kabuo Miyamoto cautiously and carefully awaits for his fate as it unravels before him in trial. Will Kabuo be set free and returned back
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Hatsue Imada is the wife of Mr. Miyamoto and has left Ishmael bitter and resentful ever since the day she told him, she could no longer be his. San Piedro is haunted by the memory of what its Japanese locals experience during World War 2, when the entire community was exiled. The fate of these three veterans entwined from relatively similar experiences all leading to the one being held in the court. Because of the Post-War anti-Japanese climate and almost hostile like treatment towards Hatsue’s father and family, Kabuo and her believe that it will be almost impossible for him to receive a fair trial. However the case, Kabuo already sees himself as an individual who deserves to be punished for having no remorse towards all the Japanese soldiers he had massacred during the war. Kabuo fought for the American side instead of the Japanese which he also holds an even greater burden towards himself for. He greatly treasures his wife and children, however, no matter how much he believes he doesn’t deserve them and has quietly accepted these negative thoughts of himself he is burdened with. This isn’t something un-relatable. One can see how much of an honorable man he truly is