Snow: Rapping and Licky Boom Essay

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Name: Julio Figueroa
RSS 099-01
Name of Assignment: Music Interpretations
Date Due: 11/19/2012
The Song “Informer” is a 1992 single by Canadian reggae musician “Snow.” This song was literally the first rap song I heard when I was younger and my mother would allow me to hear it because she heard only a nice beat, no cursing or anything vulgar. Neither one of use could barely understand him but it wasn’t just us who couldn’t understand him though, it was millions because while his raps sounded so fast, almost no one knew he’s not singing/rapping in English; he's singing in a Jamaican language called “Patois.” The meaning of “a licky boom boom down” is a phrase that was very skeptical and at the time not many knew what it meant. Some say it was used to show compassion for someone's misfortune and/or express feelings towards your own misfortune whilst still maintaining a positive attitude.
Similar meaning to the phrase "man down" used in a comical context. Others say it could also mean something sexual already explained, that he was going to punch a guy in the face and he would be hit and go "boom boom down" to the ground or simply just to shoot and kill someone. Most will confirm that the meaning is “you’ll be the life of the party.” The line “I (will) lick he bum bum down” means “I am going to knock his ass down (for snitching).” “Sitting around, cool with my dibbie-dibbie girl,” people weren’t sure of what “Dibbie-Dibbie girl” meant but apparently meant worthless and having low morals.
“Trail me down cause I’m hanging with the Snowman" meant the cops are looking for him because he’s hanging with Snow and "Snowman” is also a nickname for a coke dealer. “But Shan won’t turn informer" An informer sends info to the cops about the person they’re looking for. Shan refuses to do that to Snow so he "won’t turn informer.” “Black up my hands” refers to police fingerprinting. This song was mistaken as just a nice song with a cool