Snowboarding: Rule of Thirds and Optimistic Aura Essay

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Subject and Meaning The subject that I have chosen really communicates something about me and my interests. My subject is snowboarding. All the photos are mine and have been taken by me in Banff or Mont Tremblant, except the snowboarder at the bottom of the page. The snowboarder is a picture of me that my Dad took when we were skiing and snowboarding down in Mont Tremblant. I put that photo into the picture because I really wanted to include myself. Snowboarding is a huge interest of mine and during the winter it becomes my life. I chose snowboarding as my subject because it is something that makes me happy and smile. It has an optimistic aura. When you look at this photo you may just think it has a theme of one of my interests, but it has a deeper meaning. The deeper meaning and m message to the audience in an optimistic aura specifically about happiness, my happiness and things/sports that name me happy. Composition I tried to set up my photo and place objects in the best place that would give them a good composition using the rule of thirds. Using the golden spiral your eyes first look at the center, down the hill (which is not the exact center, so still works), then your eyes should move to see the mountains and then come around to the chair lift and finish at the snowboarder or vice versa. That was my goal using the golden spiral. Ive never used or tried this advanced composition before, so I believe it turned out pretty well for my first time. I used many of the elements and principles of art in my photo, some are harder to see then others but they…