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Daniel Henderson
English 102
Fight on immigration The first article “the Right Road to America?” written by Amy Chua, she starts off explaining that if you live in Miami, most conversations you will here will be in Spanish. In the “Is Texas America” article written by Molly Ivins talks about the new president, and how she believes that everything that is going to happen with him is going to turn America into one giant Texas. Both articles are explaining a problem and a solution that they have based off of some minor migration they believe, “The Right Road to America” is talking about migration in America, whereas “”Is Texas America?” article is only talking about one state. In “The Right Road to America”, the Amy talks about different percentages of different states based on how much of that state is from a different country, such as “Miami’s population is only 65 percent Hispanic. El Paso is 76 percent Hispanic.” “Is Texas America?” Molly is talks about different myths in Texas and how she has been trying to prove these myths wrong. Amy is talking about how in most places it is hard for an American to even ask a question without sounding racist. She starts off talking about how Immigration is threatening to change America’s complexion. “Texas is America” starts off with Molly explaining how most of Texas is made up of myths and how she is trying to go around and prove all of the myths wrong. She states that the new president is going to change all of America into what everyone thinks Texas is, which is everything based out of the old west, and all of those stories that we all heard. Both articles start out with a strong argument based on what each author believes they have a problem in, and then go into detail with what they think that problem is. Even though Amy wasn’t born in America she is still a believer in pro-immigrant. She believes even being pro-immigrant that there are still problems with immigration all over the place still. Amy goes into how Europe is facing violence and instability based off of immigration and diversity. Amy then goes into great detail on how she believes that immigration can help a country, by stating “immigration has helped create Americans wealth and power” she is saying that without immigration we wouldn’t be where we are today. She uses an example of “European immigrants helped lead the U.S. To winning the race for the first Atomic bomb.” Molly argues that Texas is so big that it needs to be divided into different sections to be able to understand it. Molly talks about how Texas gets divided, in the east you have the blacks, and she compares this part of Texas to “the old South”. Then there is the west this is where the giants live. And finally there is the south, where she believe is mostly Hispanic, and