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So You Think You Can Dance (Australia) 2014
Voting Terms and Conditions

1. During So You Think You Can Dance (Australia) 2014 (“Program”), produced by Shine (Aust) Pty Ltd (“Shine”), users will be able to cast votes for the preferred contestant (“Dancer”) using the “Voting Services” to support the Dancer’s progress to the next round of the Program. Voting across SMS and 190 Voting is only open to residents of Australia, and all votes must be cast within Australia.

2. Information on How to Vote (broadcast during the Program, on the Program website and otherwise published by Shine and/or, Network Ten forms part of these Terms and Conditions). All Voting Services are governed by these Terms and Conditions (available at (“Website”) and your use of the Voting Services constitutes your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

3. Australian residents are eligible to access the Voting Services, which include:
SMS Voting
190 Voting

4. You must ensure all care is taken when casting an SMS Vote or a 190 Vote for Dancers. It is your responsibility to send the correct Dancer name by SMS, or dial the correct 190 Vote number for your preferred Dancer.

5. Shine, Network Ten and Salmat Digital (“Voting Service Provider”) take no responsibility for any user errors made during Voting using the Voting Services, including incorrect responses received and incorrect Votes submitted and will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of user error.

Voting Periods

6. Voting will open every Sunday from 6.30pm (AEDT/AEST) 23rd February 2014 to 4th May 2014. Voting will close every Friday at 12.00pm (AEDT/AEST) from Friday 28th February 2014 to Friday 27th April 2014 and the final vote period will close on Sunday 4th May 2014 (“Voting Period’). All quoted voting times (unless specified) will be Australian Eastern Standard Time / Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (as applicable).

7. Vote open and close times may vary. Shine and Network Ten reserve the right to amend the Voting Period at any time, including but not limited to any changes in the broadcast times of the Program.

8. In the event that the Voting Period changes, vote open and close times will be announced during the show, on screen and verbally by the host.

9. Shine and Network Ten accept no responsibility or liability for any costs incurred by the user or other consequences as a result of a user submitting an SMS Vote or 190 Vote outside of the promoted Voting Period as broadcast on the Program. If users cast an SMS Vote or a 190 Vote outside of the eligible Voting Period an appropriate voting closed message may be delivered.

Voting For A Dancer

10. Each week the Dancers will perform on the Program. The show is aired each Sunday evening on Network Ten or at other times as determined by Network Ten.
a) 20 Dancers will dance as couples for the first 5 weeks of the Program (“Couples”). As the Program continues each week, one male and one female Dancer will be eliminated.
b) For the first 5 weeks of the Program, viewers will be invited to vote at the end of each Sunday night performance show. To do so viewers will be invited to call the 190 number corresponding to their favourite Couple or send an SMS containing either name of their favourite Couple to the SMS number.
c) Once 5 Couples have been eliminated, the remaining 10 Dancers will dance as individuals.
d) Viewers will then be invited to vote for their favourite individual Dancer by either calling the corresponding 190 number or send an SMS containing the first name of their favourite Dancer.
e) Voting will continue for a further 3 weeks where one male and one female Dancer will be eliminated based on the viewer vote.
f) When 4 Dancers remain (Week 9) voting will continue for a full week.

11. Shine reserves the right to amend the Voting Format (to vote for a Couple or a Dancer) at any time for the Program.

SMS Voting

12. SMS Voting is…