Soap Football Feasibility Study Essay

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Feasibility Study for Soap Football Business Venture
By: Kunal Sharma
November 2012
88/100 – well done and a viable concept.

~Steve Dhillon

Table of Contents Page # 1. Cover Page 1 2. Table of contents 2 3. The concept 3 4. Preliminary marketing planning
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The players then step into the field barefoot and the referee will then signal the game to be on. The purpose of the referee is not to interfere with game in anyway but rather to keep things safe; the rules are made up by the customer as well, such as playing with handball and slide tackling. This experience is unlike any other and it allows anyone to participate making it an instant success. The concept is extremely innovative because it’s basically the game of soccer played a different way and due to its minimal initial investment the company is basically making money off a game that has been played for hundreds of years. The invention is not my own so it would be considered “copycatting” in some respect, however my business plan for this venture would require a copyright, patent as well as a registered trademark allowing only my firm to provide this kind of service in Canada. The product is feasible and has been tested in several other countries; however the countries that allow such a game to be played do not have a legal system that holds the vendor liable for any injuries incurred by customers. Safety in Canada is a major concern and this game is extremely unpredictable, injuries can and will occur some could be life threatening injuries. Canada’s labour