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Danielle Arredondo
Professor Gauss
Sociology 102
5 Feb. 2015 Social Problems
In the article “The Sociology of Social Problems: Theoretical Perspectives and Methods of Intervention” by Joel Best, does a review on the book by Adam Jamrozik and Luisa Nocella. The article examined and explained the theories of social problems. Social problems such as unemployment, poverty and drug addiction are a fact of life in industrialized societies. This article examines the sociology of social problems from interesting and challenging perspectives. It analyses how social problems emerge and are defined as such, who takes responsibility for them, who is threatened by them and how they are managed, solved or ignored. The authors examine and critique existing theories of social problems before developing their own theoretical framework. Their 'theory of residuals’ conversion of social problems' explains how certain social problems threaten legitimate power structures, so that problems of a social or political nature are transformed into personal problems, and the 'helping professions' are left to intervene. The article will become a key reference on class, inequality and social intervention and an important text for students in sociology and social work courses.
In my opinion social problems are essential to our daily living. Some social problems emerge unexpectedly, and disappear equally fast from our concerns. Other problems acquire a everlasting quality. Unemployment, poverty, urban…