SOC 131 Careers Essay

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Kenneth Campbell
February 1st 2015
Dr. Beth Underwood
SOC 131
Sociology Careers The field of Sociology has a wide range of people from all backgrounds doing pretty much every job on the planet. Sociology grants students with a healthy background that enable them to become successful professions in any role they take on. Sociologist can become Professors and teach at the college level and shape young minds. They can also take lead in management positions that require a good understanding of communication and the ability to take on multiply task at once. Sociology is filled with resourceful tools to allow students to get the upper hand in their future careers. For instance the ability to communicate and articulate an idea is crucial to being a good leader and innovator. Its is also being able to give evidence–based arguments to get a point of view across. Sociologist also are able to use references and statistical software that enable the to interpret results and develop a hypothesis unlike any other field. Sociology allows graduates to form there on path with the tools they develop with a degree in sociology. There are also many jobs that a degree in sociology can lead you to for instance a job in Social Services, Counseling, Psychologist and even administrative support. There are also many other job as Teaching, Sales and marketing. A degree in sociology can open up a wide variety of field that can have nothing to do the sociology as a whole but the skills you learn