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Merton’s Topology of Prejudice and Discrimination
Merton’s Typology of prejudice and discrimination consists of four categories: prejudiced and unprejudiced discriminators, and prejudiced and unprejudiced nondiscriminators. In his studies, Merton has developed a classification that states that prejudice and discrimination are not necessarily bound together and one may not necessarily be a part of the other. These relationships show how Americans accept or reject the right to equitable access to justice and freedom/opportunity, regardless of race or creed.
The unprejudiced nondiscriminators are neither prejudiced nor discriminating. People in this type are generally activists. They do whatever it is that they can in order to reduce prejudice and discrimination. The prejudiced nondiscriminators will believe the rumors and stereotypes of many groups and may even be hostile towards them. However, they will only speak out if they are in the presence of other likeminded people. The prejudiced discriminator will openly express their opinions on discrimination and prejudices by any and all means. They have no conflict between their attitude and their behavior. The unprejudiced discriminator will have a degree of conflict between what they feel and how they act against discrimination and prejudices.
I was working with a new intern on a project that involved senior athletes. The intern was a part-time lifeguard. Our staff was multi-cultured and we were all comfortable with who we were as well as how we interacted with one another. During one of our lunch time discussions we asked the intern what techniques she used to teach children to swim. She mentioned that in her lifeguard class, the instructor informed her that teaching African American children would take quite a bit of patience because naturally they did not float. Her instructor informed the class that African Americans could not float because of the pigment in their skin. Being the only African American, they all