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Hasibe Melda Kahraman
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Prof. Haber

Semiotics in diamonds Diamonds are one of the international sign of love, pure stones, that exist in our world to make us happy. We associate it with a lot of things, like eternal love, happiness or beauty. Diamonds have its own history and a far different initial meaning, and changed over time due to the industrialization, the accessibility of technical supplies, and the changing society. (2) This precious gemstone has its origin in india and was used as a religious image, and was only collected and used by the kings. Which interestingly has become a status symbol of a women, rather than men. Something this rare and unbreakable as a diamond, was also thought to be magical, with the ability to pass on supernatural powers to the person, who wears it.(3)
In our society diamonds are a symbol of love and commitment, and is as much associated to marriage as a wedding dress. Instead of investing the money on a house to live in together men buy their loved ones a diamond, because we are trained to believe, that a marriage without the diamond ring is meaningless. This is because, we see posters with women wearing diamonds every day wherever we go, and commercials stating, that every woman needs a diamond. A diamond in america is commercialized and is sold in high rates, thanks to the innovative advertisement. We symbolize the diamond ring as an everlasting bond between us and our significant other, so in a way this diamond still is something with supernatural powers.

Diamonds also have its darker side though, and can be used for other powerful reasons. In countries like…