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The Assignment: Students will watch the documentary A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash, explain the ways in which the oil crash is a social problem, and propose creative social policy solutions that address the sustainability of the natural environment, stability of the global economy, and continuation of our civilization.

Value: The paper is worth 35% of the total course mark

Length: Papers will be 6 pages in length, 12 point Times New Roman, not including bibliography or title pages.

Students who BACK-UP their opinions with research, use detailed examples from the film, and clearly explain the theories will receive the best marks.

Due Date: Papers are due March 12th, at 11:59 p.m. and are to be submitted both electronically via Blackboard and via

Submission: Students will submit all papers electronically via Blackboard AND TurnItIn. This means you must submit it twice. First on Blackboard by the assignment deadline, and then on within the following 24 hours.
-On Blackboard: Go to Handouts, choose Paper, then submit as an attached file.
-On Instructions on how to upload your papers to can be found at To upload your paper, you will need to create your own user profile. You will also need the class ID# and enrollment password, below:
Class ID#: 7713141
Enrollment Password: policy

Late Assignments: 2 point out of the total of 35 will be deducted for each day that an assignment is late. No exceptions other than for SERIOUS and DOCUMENTED reasons. (Doctors notes, notes from funeral home directors etc. MUST be provided for an exemption to be considered). This means that is may be simpler for you to just decide to do a later topic than provide an excuse for missing a due date.

All information must be properly cited in APA format. The paper will include information from a minimum of:
1) The crude “A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash” – available on Netflix and here: 2) At least one of these eBooks (available at UOIT library website):
a. Energy And American Society – Thirteen Myths
b. Powerdown: options and actions for a post-carbon world
c. Peaking at Peak Oil

3) At least two of these journal articles (most available at UOIT library website)
a. Schor, Juliet. (2007). In Defense of Consumer Critique: Revisiting the Consumption Debates of the 20th Century. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Vol 611: 16.
Available at:
b. Oskamp, Stuart. (2000). A Sustainable Future for Humanity? How Can Psychology Help? American Psychologist, 55(5): 496-508
c. Howard, George S. (2000). Adapting Human Lifestyles to the 21st Century. American Psychologist, 55(5): 509-515.
d. Carr, D Jasun; Gotleib, Mellissa R; Lee, Nam-Jin; Shah, Dhavan V. (2012). Examining Overconsumption, Competitive Consumption, and Conscious Consumption from 1994-2004: Disentangling Cohort and Period Effects. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 644(1): 220-233

4) OPTIONAL: the three following news articles:

5) OPTIONAL: additional peer-reviewed academic articles from the UOIT library

6) Lecture notes are NOT permitted but course readings may be used as sources in addition to those above

Mandatory Guidelines:
1) Style: May be written in either first or third person depending on student’s preference, but this must be consistent throughout the paper.
2) Title Page: Must contain a title, professor’s name, date, and course code.
3) Page Numbering: All pages must be