Essay on Soccer and First Aid

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The sport of soccer can be played in many different facilities the main one would be outdoors on a field. Some of the equipment that would be used in soccer would include a goal, netting, shin guards, cleats and gloves for most goalies. You would always want to check and make sure the goals a still intact; some goals may or may not have the netting. If your goal does have the netting you would want to check it for holes to make sure the goal or any of the spectators who would be standing behind the net do not get hurt. It is also important to make sure the players have their shin guards on you do not want a player to accidentally get kicked or have a cleat go in to their shin. You would also want o make sure that every player’s cleats are all intact and to know what type of surface they will be playing on. I know for my husband when he played for the men’s club he would wear glove to protect his hands the reason for this is because a lot of players can kick a ball really hard. Some of the hazards to watch for while playing soccer outside is to make sure that any sprinkler heads do not protrude out to where a person or player might trip over it. You would also want to check the grounds for any holes that may be there for the same reason as the sprinklers a player or fan may sprain their ankle. One way to prevent any injuries is to go to field early before the game is to start and fill in any holes or divots that can be filled in, if the holes are too big for you to…