Soccer: Khmer rouge and Cambodian Information Center Essay examples

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Carlos Andres Perez
English I – Pd.7
17 May 2011
Extended Research: Pol Pot “ Khmer Rouge” Pol Pot, a dictator from Cambodia, who led for 25 years and killed 1/5 of the population, had no consciousness towards anyone who didn’t follow his fundamentals. Pol, disliked people who wore glasses and believed that everyone should work in rural areas. He got his teachings from the former China ruler, Mao Zedong. Also Pol had a vivid image of taking over the world and having a powerful military. Pol Pot started a political party called the Khmer Rouge, French for “Red Khmer”, after Cambodia gained its independence from France in November 9, 1953. This awful party had a goal to eliminate the kids who were educated, those who supported free market economies and closed down schools, hospitals and factories. They even killed journalists that were foreigners because they didn’t want them to release information about what was happening in Cambodia. The Khmer Rouge killed Buddhist monks because they were protesting non-violently. They also tortured adults, killed ladies that were pregnant because they didn’t want a new generation of kids, and brain washed little kids. The kids were taught to shoot anyone that was not giving them commands and to snitch on their parents if they were talking bad about the government. The outcome of this horrific nightmare is that there were thousands of refugees, 1/5 of the population killed and the Vietnamese army stopped the