Soccer Team Essay

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Dat Le
Mrs. Holton
Period 6th
My Season I have played for many soccer teams since I was ten years old; However, the most favorite soccer team that I have played for is Cleveland Boy Soccer Team. After I had made in the team, I learnt many valuable things that I have never known, especially in the last season. In addition, I could enjoy joyful moments with my teammates and improve my skills after the season. Thus, being a part of Cleveland soccer team is my biggest dream in high school. In the season 2012-2013, I actually learnt many valuable things from my coach and my teammates. They taught me helpful things about soccer that I had not known. They did not rebuke me when I made mistakes during the game. They just came to explain about my mistakes and helped me to improve or fit them. After we had lost a game, we gathered to discuss our weakness and made sure that we would never make the same mistake again. Especially, the most valuable thing that I have learned in last season was how to work well in a team. Being a part of Cleveland soccer team in this season was the great moments that I had ever had for entire my lifetime. I did not speak English fluently during the season. However, my teammates did not ignore me. They taught me about life style and helped me to get along with the team. Every member in the team cared about the others. If anyone in the team was depressed, they would figure out the way to encourage that person. I enjoyed playing with my team during