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Vanessa Perez
English 83 #1189
15 September 2014 The ball is like my heart
Making the Atwater High School varsity soccer team, was like a dream come true and I can explain the season like I lived it all in one day. Receiving the uniform brought tears to my eyes, just knowing that I could actually be a valuable player. Making the high school team wasn't so easy. There was about forty five girls wanting to play on the team, the coach unfortunately had to make a week of soccer tryouts and make cuts as the week went by. Every day of the week was nerve racking thinking “Am I going to be the next one to get cut?” Although I was so negative with myself, I knew that i was doing great. Stepping onto the field at our first game, was an unexplainable feeling, there was nothing but nerves running across my whole body. I couldn't believe I made it this far, it was my first game and time to know the feeling of being able to play at a varsity level.
Although our first game on first half wasn't going so well because not everyone was communicating as a team, we pushed ourselves and told one another to begin fresh and put in all the effort to take the win. As the referee blew the last whistle we walked out hurt but we smiled to one another because we had taken the first win of the season.
Beating Merced, our cross town rival school as an undefeated team brought many smiles to our team just knowing the season was almost over with 9 wins and no