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While being homeschool, students have the ability to learn the way they want to learn, how long they want to study and where they want to study. For me, I could go to my cousins down the road who were also homeschooled and we did our schoolwork together, and when we were done we would go horseback riding or something outdoors.
Another pro for homeschooling is having the ability to have physical freedom. My mom would plan a day where we would do homework in the morning and then the rest of the day we would go to the museum or once we visited the fire station.
Jenney Cheever (2014) states that homeschooled “kids are better insulated form negative influences” and that they are not likely to be exposed to peer pressure or bullies. Yes, you have your sibling rivalries like I did, but nothing like the bullies you may experience in an actual school atmosphere.
For families, homeschooling allows parents to incorporate their religious beliefs into their daily lives. In schools you are not aloud force a religion on someone, unless you were attending a religious private school. For me, every morning we started off the day with family worships and devotional times.
Another pro is that if parents want to open their own business they could do so for example, my mom opened a daycare. She did not make as much as she would if she had a salary paying job with a company but she made enough money so her and my farther could support our family and she could buy everything to be able to homeschool us.
One of the major cons of homeschooling is commitment. Parents are the only ones responsible for their children’s education at this point and have no one to fall back on. Parents need to be committed to teaching their children the right criteria for schools. However this is a major downfall for some parents because, like my mom, they may not have education higher than a high school diploma. If you wish to continue to homeschool your kids even if you cannot teach them the appropriate up to date things, you may hire a teacher. Which leads into the next con of homeschooling.
Money. Often one parent, usually the mother, quits her job and stays home to homeschool the child. This means that their income will be reduced, which makes it hard to support a family.
Another con is that your children will not get the proper socialize skills that they require to be able to communicate with individuals outside of their home. The website Homeschool- Companion – online resources for homeschooling families (2014) states that being homeschooled can “stunt their development socially as they do not learn how to communicate or behave in a group settings. I went to school with a guy in grade 12 who was homeschool for eight years of his life and he was contained to just his family and relatives as his social group. When he came to school he did not know how to communicate with others and when we were put into groups he did not know how to go about discussing with others the topic.

However for my siblings and I since my mom owned the day care she watched over children who attended public school so we were around other people instead of just our families and we were able to interact with them, play with them and build relationships with them.

One of the pros of going to schools would be free school transportations and free enrollment. If you lived far away from school parents are given the opportunity of free transportation. I know when I attended public school some of my classmates lived about 45 minutes away however our school provided a bus who would go all the way every morning and afternoon to pick up and drop of these kids.
There are extra-curricular activates that are offered so students are able work as a group with other individuals which adds to socializing amongst one another.
Another pro is that teachers are certified to have the correct knowledge to teach the proper curriculum. I know when I attended public