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Discovering who you are is something that no one else can do for you but it’s one of those things that the only person that can, is yourself. There will always be people that try to help you find out who you are because it’s a very difficult thing to do especially when you finish school and you have to decide who you’re going to be in life. While in the process of trying to find out though you might do things you thought you might never do, as with the case of Chris McCandless this is true. Chris had a journey that took him from being a normal college graduate to a risk taker, and helping him in discovering himself you can thank his family and his new friends.

Family is always that group of people that love you unconditionally and always support you. And that was what Chris had to some extent, but it wasn’t his family’s love that helped him discover who he was but what they didn’t tell him. Chris’s father, Walt, was a man that didn’t tell Chris that he had another son with his first wife when he got Billie, Chris’s mom, pregnant. He felt that Walt had a double life and pretty much that effected how he felt towards his father because from that moment on started to get angry with his parents, especially his dad. This really gave him a reason to leave home to explore and find him self and be someone that wasn’t like his dad. His family tried to push him to be someone that he was not and his parents would always try to make him be successful like they were but Chris wanted to do the opposite of what they wanted for him. He wanted to live his own life and make his own destiny traveling around.

A part of making his own destiny Chris met many different types of people that really helped him try to find who out who he is. People like Ronald Frantz who was like a dad to Chris while he away from home. They would spend a lot of time together and really bond with each other and Chris got to experience what it is like to live with somebody else out of his family. A similar connection was made with Jan and Bob where Chris shared good times with them and he got a taste of people that love him. And since he kept getting all of this attention and love from all of these people he enjoyed his time in each place he must of thought that if he kept moving from place to place that his new friends wouldn’t get tired of him and still love him even more. He also discovered that he wasn’t meant to be in one place for to long of a time because he was different and he was the type of person that didn’t want to settle down but instead be a person that takes risks and enjoys life and takes it as it comes.

In my life, I still have a long way to go and a whole bunch of things to experience but so far I have an idea of who I am. The reason