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The source mentioned about the negative side of economic globalization as it only advantage minority of people and countries; usually they are the first world countries. As most of the powerful transnational companies are from the developed countries; they earn lots of money from the developing countries though their companies. For example the coffee bean trades are unfair trades to the developing countries. First world countries only paid the second world countries less than 10% of their offering price for these coffee beans. Therefore first world counties will make more profit by getting advantage on the other countries. I totally disagree with this source as I believe economic globalization did also advantage the developing countries. Most countries will get advantages on economic globalization because transnational companies always send their jobs to the developing countries, which will send them more technology to improve their quality of life and also developed countries will decrease their cost on their products. Advantages of economic globalization are happening all around the world.
Paragraph 2:
-Advantages on developing countries
-Outsourcing create jobs
-More people can work (increase the income of the country)
-ex. Wal-Mart outsource to China
Paragraph 3:
-Advantages on developing countries
-Outsourcing brings them new technology
-Technology will improve their quality of life
Paragraph 4:
-Advantages on developed countries
-Decrease their cost on their products
-Customers will have cheaper prices
-ex. Wal-Mart
Paragraph 5:
-Economic globalization not only create advantages for minority people and countries
-Developing and developed countries both get advantages from it
I think they treat Miss Strangeworth is respect. They understand that this old lady has been living in the town for longer than they can imagine, and they leave her to do her own thing. For example, Miss Strangeworth went for her afternoon nap, and she knew that nobody would dare knock on the door or phone her home because everybody knew that she was taking her nap. 6. Discuss the relationship between Tommy Lewis and Miss Strangeworth and explain how that relationship has changed over the years. Infer what might have been the basis of the relationship. Then explain how and why it changed.* Tommy Lewis and Miss Strangeworth were obviously very close friends back in their school days. When Tommy left high school to work at the grocery store, they had