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Date: 21/03/2014 Client: Cancer Research UK Project: Lip Cancer Awareness
Cancer Research UK, a registered charity in England, Wales, Scotland and Isle of Man. It helps beating various forms of cancer by raising money to fund scientists, doctors and nurses. As well as raise awareness of various forms of cancer by providing cancer information to the public.1
To raise awareness about lip cancer and how it can be prevented before it happens.2
18-29 year old females. Recently independent (in university or early career stage), busy lifestyles, very self-aware.3
Print advertising on public transport (busses and trains), most popular young woman magazines and pharmaceutical as well as beauty product companies.
Key Insight
People are not aware of the lips protection as skin cancer influencer. Lips cancer as a concept is not well known.
Single Minded Message/Promise
Don’t forget about your lips! Wear lip balm with SPF! Prevent skin cancer!
12,800 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in young adults daily. Primary research conducted has revealed that when thinking skin cancer, people do not consider their lips to be part of it or are not aware of the problem at all.
Tone and Manner
Positive, approachable, fresh
Key Message
Do advertising. Requires action.
Executional Mandatories
Black and white print visual message with small verbal communication and colour Cancer Research UK sign at the bottom right corner. Printing company: Snappy Snaps. Price per print: 20GBP.

1Client Overview

We will inform and draw awareness of skin cancer for the Cancer Research UK. We will advertise using SPF lip products as a gateway to protecting users from a larger issue. By informing young people of the dangers of skin cancer and providing a new way to protect themselves, we will create a more effective campaign than currently running.
Currently, Cancer Research UK has paired with Nivea in their latest skin cancer advert campaign. However, this campaign only targets families on holiday rather than informing of the issue itself. Our research has determined that 52.3% of young women are uninformed of the dangers of skin cancer. Our campaign will inform viewers of the dangers of skin cancer, thereby encouraging them to take preventative action.

Unlike other skin cancer campaigns that focus on sunscreen, we want to build off of the Nivea-Cancer Research campaign by providing an alternative method of sun prevention besides sunscreen. Wearing lip balm with an SPF is a more feasible solution than sunscreen because it requires much less commitment and is easier to put on. We will target young women (ages 18-25) to wear lip balm daily as a preventive measure against the sun.

2Message Overview Creative Strategy
The purpose of this advert’s message is to emphasise the simplicity of preventing lip cancer as well as reminding receivers on how important healthy lips are for expressing emotions in everyday situations.
The intended message draws conclusions and does not leave much space for receivers to do so, as the message within the advert is relatively straightforward.
The message is one-sided as it only points out positive effects from protecting your lips from the sun, not the negative aspects, such as costs or inconvenience (Belch and Belch, 2012).
The advert will consist of a mostly visual message with only little, but effective, verbal communication.

The emotional