social and ethical responsibilities Essay

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Taylor Moseley
Mrs. Williams 2B
Social & Ethical Responsibility
October 29, 2014
Myself as a Leader Most companies are socially and ethically responsible, that’s thanks to their leader and/or CEO and some companies are not. I learned that if your company is socially responsible and ethical you will attract the right crowd and customers. Having a good image as a company is essential in becoming a successful business, if you care about the world people will notice and you’ll gain business and most importantly revenue. Nike, as an example is a great socially and ethically responsible company. Nike does many things for the environment like recycle worn out shoes and turns them into new clothing and also they recycle all plastics. The coolest thing they do is they have created a product called Nike Grind under their Reuse-a-Shoe program which grinds down worn out athletic shoes and turns them into new places to play. These places are like turf athletic fields, basketball courts, tracks and playgrounds. A bad example would be Starbucks, back in 2004 an allegation against Starbucks said that they do not support U.S. Marine troops and will not directly donate their product to them. Now when this happened I remember my dad and grandfather being very upset because my family supports the Marines and as a result my family would not drink Starbucks and refused to give them any business. This is an example as wanting to have a good image and doing the right thing. In my future