Social And Social Aspects Of Slavery

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Estephania Taveras
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History II

There was something long ago that caused a lot of fights between the whites and the blacks. The blacks were once slaves to the whites and the whites treated them badly. Until one day Abraham Lincoln changed all of this. Abraham Lincoln became president and declared that all slaves and blacks were freed. But before he became president, he still fought for black rights. But the south only thought about how they had to mow lawns and get cotton from plantations and wash their dishes cook their food and watch their children. They thought that by seceding that would fix it. They couldn’t do it themselves because they thought that they had enough to do by only being rich and drinking tea. The political, social, economic differences were that since the whites thought that they need a slave to do their dirty work. Since some of the whites had power as lawyers and they thought that they could enslave blacks. Because certain people were rich they thought they needed slaves to help organize parties that they were not invited to they just had to work. Because some people were high up in class they thought that by having slaves would raise their status even more. These were the political, social, economic differences.

The stamp act was something that the British parliament came up with to earn more money because they had a war with the French and the Indians. The British parliament decided to tax all legal documents that required stamps also, licenses, newspapers, other publications, and even playing cards were taxed. The colonists decided