Social Anxiety

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Assignment: Social Anxiety

Cynthia Huntley

Strayer University

Prof Felicia Dehaney

August 25, 2010
Describe the treatment used and what occur during treatment?

The first Social Anxiety treatment is to reduce physical symptoms of anxiety. You may try breathing exercise that will help you decrease the physical symptoms of anxiety and stay calm. Continue to breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Relaxation techniques for anxiety relief can be done by with meditation, yoga, and progressive muscle relaxation will also help you get control over the physical symptoms of anxiety. The second treatment is challenging negative thoughts. Many people who suffer with Social Anxiety have many negative thoughts and beliefs that are contributing to their anxiety. You will have to overcome your fears by challenging your thought, either through therapy, or in your own way. People who have engaging thoughts like, mind reading, fortune telling, catastrophizing, and personalizing can assume that people are talking about them and they really are not. The last treatment is Gradually facing your fears. You can avoid Social Anxiety by overcoming your fears. By facing the social situations you fear the most in life rather than avoiding them. Avoidance keeps social anxiety going, it really prevents you from becoming more comfortable in social settings.

Are there other treatments approaches that might also work? By actively seeking out more supportive social environments is another way of tackling and overcoming social anxiety. You can find different classes that will offer you a guide to many levels of social anxiety, by talking a social skills class, or assertiveness training class as well. Doing volunteer work may also help you build better relationships with others. Working on your communication skills is a sure way to get from the emotionally intelligent communication you need to better yourself. This will help you to connect with others as well as give you a clear understanding of what is going on around you. Is the treatment approach supported by research? Many researchers do this type of treatment. They have done some studies on different people who have multiple cases of Social Anxiety. For example, this young man was in college and he was very afraid that is professor would make them introduce themselves, but he was so stress out by the fact that he had to speak in front of the class this face became red, and his hands started to sweat. By allowing your emotions to get the best of you, it can really take control over all in every situation.