Essay on Social Bond Theory

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Social Bond Theory

Kevin Pascual
Sociology 100
Social Bond Theory

In 1969, a man named Travis Hirschi wrote and proposed something called the Social Control Theory. This theory can be applied in numerous kinds of ways when trying to address and solved social problems dealing with adolescents delinquent behavior. Before we can try to apply the Social Bond Theory, we must first understand the components and definition of the theory. Once we have a firm grasp of the theory, we can then look into our own lives and programs within our communities, to possibly provide support to strengthen the validity of the Social Bond Theory.
Travis Hirshi's Social Bond Theory The Social
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The 4-H
The 4-H as stated in their mission state is “...a program that focuses on Head, Heart, Hands, and Health which are the four H's in 4-H, and they are the four values members work on through fun and engaging programs.” ("Who are we," 2012) Head meaning managing and thinking. Heart meaning relating and caring. Hands meaning giving and working. Health meaning being and living.” Attachment is evident in this agency through their several programs. Many of the programs that 4-H offers, more specifically the Healthy Living programs, all provide adult mentors for the kids. These programs have adult mentors educate and push the kids to live a healthy lifestyle through one-on-one activities. So through these one-on-one activities, the kids are making attachments to their mentors while also making new friends along the way. Commitment is what the kids gain through both the Healthy Living and the Science programs that they offer. Through the Science programs, they are able to join