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PAAR Interview: Julie Evans

Worked with education and prevention

Undergrad in Cleveland, has worked with PAAR for 20 years

Believes in not questioning victims­ believing them and punishing the perpetrators

Current mission: child/family center, making sure that people know about PAAR

Not many places have child care; PAAR does, including art therapy and CPT model

Seen decreases in depression and PTSD

Very accommodating, never feel alone

Meeting with reps (especially on college campuses in the area) to find ways to prevent

Do lots of workshops, training, etc.

Program: Parents in the Know – education aimed at helping parents keep their children safe o
Ex. How do you question a pedophile/how to identify unusual behavior o
Very positive response to the program o
Developed 3­4 years ago o
New locations in Boston and ____

Not so focused on passing legislation, but working with Pittsburgh Coalition Against Rape, which focuses more on legislative means to achieve change

Also working with the Responsible Hospital Institute

Mayor called and now working on safe, well­lit areas

Bruce Calse – city council supports

Partnered with Oakwatch, a community group that lives in Oakland, wants to promote safety, etc. o
Host block parties and hand out welcome packets

Reforms? o Need decision maker to say we need positive victim response o
Victims need to be supported o
Utilize experts in community, like PAAR

Want to get ahead in prevention and safe spaces

Universities need to own up to the now

Change protocol, call PAAR, make a routine o
Starts with parents/children

Coaching Boys into Men – new program where they show/teach coaches how to talk to their athletes ∙
JFilms got funding – partnered with PAAR o
Showing of film Brave Miss World?

What sparked PAAR? o
Grew out of a number of