Social Changes For Women In The 1920's

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Although women in the nineteen twenties went through many different social changes they impacted women’s lives in american History. Women did positive and negative things to get the rights they wanted. Women wanted a better life for the next generation, they fought for the right to vote and many other things. Women made many movements and were role models to a lot of women in the future. What were the social changes for women in the 1920’s and were they positive or negative? Women made the best of their life before during and after the twenties.
Women Before The 1920’s Before the nineteen twenties many women did difficult things to gain their rights. Women wanted to be better for the next generation so they did everything they could to make it better. The schools, libraries, and parks were becoming better as well as food. Getting jobs was important because they wanted to end child labor(Miller, Joe C. 2015 pg 444). Women worked at home or sometimes went to war with their husbands becoming nurses and housewives (Skulnick, Marc.2005.1).
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Life was roaring and everything was getting better. Women were now called Flappers because when they were dancing they would flap their arms, that's where the term Flappers came from. Flappers were women who rebelled against the classy women. They had short hair, put on heavy makeup, smoked, drank, drove cars, danced and started wearing shorter skirts. Women were increasing in society. Younger women were trying new clothes and also trying new things. Women were now inspired by Hollywood movie stars(Skulnick, Marc.2005.1,2). Not every woman was a flapper because they simply were against it. They didn't care about their body shape anymore or their legs, they wanted to flaunt it now. They would stay out until early morning at the fancy night clubs("American History: 'Roaring Twenties' a Time of Economic and Social Change."2014