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Rashell Sey
Professor Andrews
English Comp, II
November 3, 2014

Social Issue Problems
“Shopping For Sweat”
The Human Cost Of A Two Dollar T-Shirt

In the environment of consumer buying, there is a debate between companies that have products made from sweatshops in other countries, and companies that are making products made in America. When it comes to saving money, each side has good argument because the subject is so complex. The main disagreement focuses on sweatshops. One group is convinced that we rely on media and propaganda to help us select products and service that give max value for our dollars, and the opposing group feels that we the consumers are willing to save as much as possible on a product no matter the working conditions of the person that is behind the product making it.
A sweatshop violates two or more labor law. They have poor working conditions, unfair wages and kids work there.
Most sweatshops are hot in the summer and cold in the winter. They are big buildings with no break rooms. They possess a health and safety risk. The workers, usually females are physically and verbally abused. The women are subjected to horrible working conditions and innumerable injustice because companies can get away with it.
The workers are working for companies such as Walmart, Gap and Nike. Those products sale for way more than the workers are being paid. The workers are being paid twenty cents to two dollars an hour. The work from sun up to sun down, with few or no breaks at all. They are forced to work overtime and don’t make enough money to put food on the table.
It is estimated 250 million children ages 5 to 14 are forced to work. Children are not allowed to go to school because they are needed to work to help their families pay bills.
Companies reap the benefits of the profits and no one sees the real face behind the label, the maker, the one working in the sweat shop. Sweatshops are not dream jobs but it some peoples only option. The workers are grateful and they don’t complain about their deplorable working conditions. If sweatshops did not exist the workers would be unemployed or have to prostitute. Sweatshops are not simply a necessary evil of economic growth. They do not necessarily keep costs low for consumers and provide jobs where there would otherwise be none. Sweatshops exist because of corporate greed, international trade policies (that push indebted nations to exploit their own people), and the market's demand for quick production, low costs, and high profits. Workers should not have to endure unsafe and unfair working conditions so that corporations and corrupt government officials can get rich.

The opposing side would be advertisers that believe in fair marketing. Buying America and luring the consumer in by anyways necessary.
Buying America means keeping jobs in America, better wages, safe working conditions, keeping the economy going and no child