Social Class and Sexual Orientation Essay

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Each person on this planet is unique and different from anyone else in their own ways. There are so many differences in humans, based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and the list could go on forever. In the readings on TRACS it explains how a simpler sort of ranking of classes was used in the past. These types of differences were based on traits such as dominant/subordinate, good/bad, superior/inferior and so on. In this type of society good was based on one's profits and power that they held. There are also the lower classes that were made up of people with less money and power, or looked down upon for their different race or ethnicity. In this society these type of people were viewed as inferior to the rest. The inferior population was typically made up of blacks, working class men, older generations, and women. They were looked down on by the "superiors", and though many may have been very strong willed, this had to have taken a toll on the self-esteem of these hard working individuals. They were still treated as the lower class, with less privileges than a more prominent male with money. Though we have grown as a nation and have become more widely accepting of others, many minoritygroups are still dealing with these types of oppressions today. An exercise that we did as a class on one of the first couple of days stood out in my mind and made an impact of me. I believe in one of these exercises the class was asked to come up with words that we use daily to judge men, as well as…