Social Class Vs Upper Class Essay

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United States are made up from different economic and political class that includes poor, middle, upper and corporate class. Therefore, you are placed in those class by your economic or political status and how much power you have. In my paper I will be discussing, how the upper and corporate class runs the systems in United States. Let’s take a look back at the industrial revolution, when the upper class didn’t change. The upper class was worry free and didn’t have to do any work. Upper class is made up from wealthy people (movie stars, doctors and lawyers) who have money. Therefore upper class can afford to send their kids to expensive private school, exclusive summer resorts and promote a certain lifestyle (pg. 151). However the upper class kids receive the best education better than everybody else, they go to the best universities that’s offer in United States. …show more content…
The reason I say that because many people in the upper class have control over the biggest corporation through stock ownership (pg.161).You find that most people that have money own stocks through Walmart, Target, Sprint and many others. In order for the upper class to make money off the stocks, you have corporate America who keep building these same companies in different state so that wealthy can make money. Not only do corporate class make it easier for the wealthy but they have it design where the banks will make money off the economic system in America. The book talk about how the stock control has move away from the rich upper class families to large banks and investment firms (pg.201). Unlike other countries they economic system is very different from America. The book stated In Europe and Asian nation they are built on a capitalism society where they allow different agendas favoring their interest relatives to those in other class