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Educational Goal Statement

After the 4 years spent in high school, now I have reached a point where I would have to go to college to keep advancing in life because without a higher education my goal of becoming a paralegal would not be accomplished. Without a higher education there would be many dreams that wouldn’t be achievable or attainable. Some of the achievements that I have had during my time in high school were being able to get honor roll, having advanced placement class, which would give me a college credit and honor classes. Also playing a sport for my high school was a great accomplishment of mine. Another big achievement was walking the stage, graduating. My goals at this time would be to successfully complete my associate’s degree in a two-year time span and graduating with honors here in Montgomery College then transfer to a four-year school like University of Maryland college park or another school in Maryland, while having some type of part-time job. Another goal of mine would be to have a job as a Para legalist with a big law firm and to start earning some money after I get my degree. Montgomery College would be assisting me in reaching my goal by giving me the education that I would need to continue into the 4-year schools, since at Montgomery College I would only be getting my associates degree then transferring my credits to the school. Also giving me a heads up on how college would really be and how rigorous it will be. This experience would