Social Contract Essay

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When I hear the term “ social contract “ I would think of some type of rule book that states what is appropriate and inappropriate to say or do in a public setting. Burping at the table for example . If you think about it logically its a natural bodily function but , as children we learn that its rude “just because:” another example is when youre talking to someone that has something on their face or shirt . Your heart wants to tell them but if this has happened to you ,you know you did. You thought about it but something in your brain told you not to so you said nothing and immediately regretted it. When you wonder why you didnt speak up , you think because you didnt want to sound rude but what would be rude about helping out a fellow human being ? We say nothing because of this social contract teaching us that you cant just say those kind of things to people .But the social contract is not just a bunch of rules about everyday human etiquette . Its a system that keeps our society sound.

I dont think its possible to fathom what life would be like without some kind of social contract. . Even animals have a sense of property and right and wrong up to a point . But when it comes to humans it just seems to be common sense . Things that are morally wrong like killing or stealing and so on , have laws so people that break those laws will be punished so to ( hopefully ) make said person learn his lesson. If tomorrow stealing became legal then I mean of course people would do it. Some would still feel it wrong and wouldn't do it but a larger quantity of people would . But if it had never been illegal in the first place id say just about everybody would do it Because we wouldnt have any moral obligation to otherwise not . If there was no type of social contract in society . There would be no society or community amongst humans . We would be just like untamed monsters just doing whatever we wanted to without any type of second thought . There would be no good and or evil , just neutral .

Now what about exceptions in the social contract ? People think about things that they could get away with everyday .Their boss is a jerk and they think of things they could do to get back like destroying their