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2. Describe the evolution of legal systems using the history of the United States as an example to illustrate your answer. (1000 word minimum)

The legal sytems have evolved so uch over time. The different ypes of lega

3. Compare and contrast the theories of law and society of the early European pioneers, the classical theorists, and contemporary theorists. Use at least two theorists from each perspective to illustrate your answer. (750 Words minimum)

4. Define ‘judicial lawmaking’ and ‘judicial legislation’. Differentiate between the two concepts and describe the process of each. Use at least two examples of each to illustrate your answer. (500 words minimum)

5. Describe the various outside influences on the lawmaking process. Give at least three examples of each. (500 words minimum)

Midterm Exam
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1. What are the three principal functions of law and how do these functions relate to each other? Give two examples of each. (500 words minimum)
The three principal functions of law are social control, dispute settlement, and social change. In social control, the social norms are to be consistent with each other and are strongly supported by traditions. Social control has many different methods and they vary in different societies. There are formal and also informal. A law would be considered a form of formal social control. Most laws are formed because of social norms. A social norm that is not a rule or a law in the United States would be to look both ways before crossing the street. It is not a rule or law that makes you obey that, but it is a norm that is carried out every day by pedestrians crossing a busy street. Behavioral conformity is ensured by the fact that socializing experiences are the same to all the member of that society. Social control is depends primarily on self-sanctioning. For example, if someone was to enter an elevator and faces the people on there and begins to jump up and down, the people on there would look at him crazy. This is not illegal to do but it is a social norm to get on the elevator and look towards the opening door and stay to yourself.
Dispute settlement is a law business. Actual disputes are disputes that can be resolved in court. Potential disputes are disputes that can be prevented from occurring and moving on through court. When disputes are settled by an authoritative allocation of legal rights and obligations gives alternatives to other methods of dispute resolution. When disputes are settled in courts does not mean that there would be less tension or antagonism between the parties. An example of a situation where the tension of the parties was not resolved is a divorce case. In the case, the woman wanted all of the money and would leave the house to